About Me

Greetings! my name is Stefan Perras. Natural men’s physique competitor, personal trainer, author of "Naked Science" and model from London Ontario Canada. With years of practice, trial and error and study I have obtained a great deal of knowledge in the science of losing body fat and building muscle mass safely and effectively. Fitness and health in all aspects has changed my life for the better. I am now healthier, stronger, more confident and have more energy and just generally in a better mood. I strongly believe that if one conquers the work ethic required to be successful in health and science the sky is the limit! These are transferable skills that can be used in everyday life to help build a strong foundation mentally and physically. Your physical image is important and can say a lot about you and your attributes. It tells me; that this person is self disciplined, motivated, hard working and has consistency. Not to mention the health benefits you acquire through living a healthy active life style. It is my passion to help others through diet and exercise. Join the Muscle Tribe and let's do this journey together! 

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