12-Week Progressive Workout Routine

12-Week Progressive Workout Routine. From Beginners to Advanced Lifters. Easy to read and follow PDF with pictures for every movement.

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12-Week Progressive Weight Training Program


     Great for beginners and advanced lifters. This 12-week program focuses on Hypertrophy (muscle gains) and Power  lifting movements (strength gains). Easy to read and follow PDF comes with pictures for each movement.

     Starting with a 3-day split advancing in intensity and eventually progressing to an advanced 5-day split full of different movements, super sets and drop sets.

     Each muscle group being worked will always start with a compound lift (E.g. Chest = Bench Press, Legs = Squat, Back = Deadlifts etc.) followed by a series of accessory movements designed to target the different fibers of each muscle group being worked. For example, chest day will have movements designed to engage Upper, Mid and Lower pectorals to obtain a full 3-dimensional look. All movements in this program have been selected strategically to accomplish this.

     As you move forward throughout the program you will be introduced to a series of different movements and rep ranges. This method is used to continue progressing in muscle and strength gains and break past plateau.                   

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